Stained Glass Art

Stained Glass PanelInterested in creating your own stained glass art?  Well, it is not as difficult, or as expensive as you may think.  The great thing about stained glass is it can be taylored to any skill level and budget.  Beginners can find a multitude of resources from books, to complete starter kits.  As your skills improve, you can find books which have simple patterns and relatively few pieces.  More advanced pattern books have more complex  and interesting designs.  Most experienced stained glass artists design their own patterns which makes the artwork uniquely their own.  For anyone wanting to enter the world of stained glass art, it can be confusing and sometimes overwhelming.  Do not be intimidated.  Getting started is easy, fun and very rewarding. 

Several tips and techinques have been included to aid you in getting started.  Take a look and learn how easy it is to create your own stained glass artwork.  Included in each section is a Step By Step Project Guide that walks through actually creating a Stained Glass Panel.

Choosing A Pattern
Creating A Pattern From A Photograph
Glass Cutting Techniques
Foiling Techniques
Soldering Techniques


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There are some basic tools necessary to get started in stained glass.  Below are the recommend items for your tool box.  For more information on the tools use the links on the right.


Pattern Books
Pattern Tracing Lightbox
Stained Glass Cutters
Running Pliers
Grozer Pliers
Copper Foil
Soldering Irons
Soldering Flux